It's true that Terry Gilliam's recent films have been mediocre compared to his stuff from the '80's and '90's but he's still one of the best living filmmakers, and these are his must-see movies:



Still beautiful and relevant after all these years, Brazil is a dark comedic fantasy, set in the near future. With its incredible visuals and fantastic practical effects, this is Gilliam in his prime. It's part sci-fi satire, part love story, part fantasy adventure. A timeless work of art.




Probably the most accessible movie in Gilliam's weird filmography, the Fisher King stars Jeff Bridges as a radio DJ who’s life gets tangled up with a homeless man (Robin Williams) and a quest for the Holy Grail. It’s a mythic comedy/drama with loveable characters and a great story. Williams is a delight to watch in this. I think it’s his best performance.



I think it’s one of the best science-fiction films ever made. The twisty time-travelling plot messes with your head in a good way. This is a smart, gritty, mystery/thriller. Bruce Willis gives a solid performance as Cole, a man who travels back in time to locate the origins of a virus that has killed off most of Earth’s population. Astonishing, heart-stopping, and satisfying.



A really good adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson’s most hilarious novel. This might have been the first Gilliam movie I ever saw, and I was really thrown off by it’s opening sequence. It was unsettling and uncomfortable and I didn’t understand what the hell Johnny Depp was doing because I hadn’t been exposed to Hunter S. Thompson yet. Years later, after reading the book, I rewatched this movie again and again and had a blast every time. It’s about a journalist and his lawyer who go on a drug-fuelled trip through Las Vegas, covering a few stories before slipping into a psychedelic otherworld. “Buy the ticket, take the ride!”


Also worth checking out: 

Time Bandits, The Brothers Grimm, and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus