Best Movies & TV Shows of 2016


    Here is my mishmash of all the good stuff that came out in far


ARRIVAL (science fiction-drama) Probably the best science fiction movie to come out in the last ten years. This is a realistic story about scientists working together and figuring out how to talk to aliens. It's like watching the most amazing episode of Star Trek ever!




ATLANTA (comedy/drama) Who would have thought that Donald Glover’s new TV show would be this good? I enjoyed Atlanta more than most movies I’ve seen this year. It’s one of those rare shows where everything clicks together perfectly. 




HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE (comedy-adventure) A hilarious and heartwarming adventure into the wilds of New Zealand. Very fun.




10 CLOVERFIELD LANE (science fiction-horror) This was just a blast to watch. Most suspenseful movie I’ve seen in a while. John Goodman is terrifyingly great in it.





SING STREET (comedy-drama-musical) A group of unbelievably talented high school kids form a rock band in 1980’s Dublin. This is a fun musical. The soundtrack spins on Duran Duran and The Cure. It’s awesome and it’s on Netflix right now.




INSECURE (comedy-drama) A new HBO show created by Issa Rae and Larry Wilmore. Partially based on Rae’s web series Awkward Black Girl, the show follows two female protagonists through their careers and relationships. Very funny. Solid writing and acting.




STRANGER THINGS (science fiction-horror) Very well-executed vintage horror show. Loved every minute.






THE NICE GUYS (action-comedy-crime-mystery) Shane Black’s new buddy cop movie really charmed me. It’s like a movie that would’ve come out in the ’90’s - character driven, with great dialogue and no CGI action. It reminded me of The Big Lebowski.




THE WITCH (horror) I’ve got to recommend this one because no movie has ever made me feel so strange. A must-watch for any fan of horror movies. This one is unique, isolating, and fierce. Parts of it feel similar to the most disturbing scenes in Kubrick’s Shining




MASTERMINDS (comedy) This absurd comedy from Jared Hess (Napoleon Dynamite) stars Zach Galifianakis, Kristin Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Owen Wilson. I thought this movie was refreshingly funny. It made me laugh more than any other movie I saw this year. Very underrated.




BLACK MIRROR (science fiction-drama-horror) The third season of Black Mirror is on Netflix now and it’s fantastic. It’s an anthology so you can watch it without having seen the rest of the series. Each episode is it’s own story and “San Junipero” is one of the coolest stories I’ve seen this year on film or on television. 



SWISS ARMY MAN (comedy-drama-adventure) The "Daniel Radcliffe farting corpse" movie isn't great, but it works. Somehow it's enchanting and surprisingly funny. Loved the soundtrack.