Here are a few of my favourite podcasts. Click on the title to visit the site!


Welcome to Night Vale - (comedy-audio drama) A creepily funny fiction podcast in the style of community updates for a small desert town. Full of offbeat humour and bizarre moments. It’s very well-written, with great voice acting and top-notch production quality. Weird is good.


The Truth (audio drama) This one is my favourites because of its ability to tell captivating stories in a very short amount of time. I don’t listen to much audio drama because I often have a hard time “believing” it, especially with the more serious shows. Often times, for me, audio dramas sound too polished. Not natural. I tried listening to Alice Isn’t Dead and I had to turn it off because it sounded like a video game cutscene. To be fair, I produce an audio drama that has some of the worst acting ever, but PPC is intentionally bad so that’s okay with me. Anyway, The Truth doesn’t have any of these problems. Excellent production, good acting, a full cast, and stories I can really get into. 


LORE (folklore-horror) “A podcast about the frightening history behind common folklore." Writer/narrator Aaron Mahnke is very good at telling scary stories. So good in fact that Lore is currently on its way to television and the show will be run by X-Files alum Glen Morgan. Can’t wait!


The Night Time Podcast (true crime-paranormal-mystery-doc) Produced and hosted by Jordan Bonaparte, this ongoing series covers Canadian true crime and mysteries, complete with interviews and police reports. A very well-researched show that tells important stories.


Heavyweight (society-storytelling) A podcast about regret, unfinished business and unanswered questions. Jonathan Goldstein takes people journeying back in time to when their lives went wrong. It’s great storytelling. The first four episodes are incredible.


This American Life (society-culture) Amazing storytelling, organized by theme and offering a variety of different stories. Most of the stories are journalism, mixed with comedy. Still my favourite podcast. Never miss an episode.


Reply All  (technology) The stories in this podcast are about the internet and internet history - Everything from the invention of GIF to the very first live cam show. There’s also a great 4-part series called “On the Inside”. It’s a fascinating tale about a blogger named Paul Modrowski who’s in prison for a murder he claims he didn’t commit.


The Bret Easton Ellis Podcast (TV & Movies) I have a like/hate relationship with author Bret Easton Ellis. He can be obnoxious and he’s said things that have pissed me off. I’ve never read any of his books, but I still enjoy listening to his podcast. B.E.E. is good at getting people to dish dirt and tell the kinds of behind-the-scenes stories that fascinate me. The Quentin Tarantino episode is one of the most entertaining conversations about film I’ve ever heard. 


How Did This Get Made? (comedy) Three friends discuss terrible movies and really dive into why they’re so terrible. It's hilarious, especially the earlier episodes. A good way to navigate through this one is to start with movies you've already seen, and listen to them tear it to shreds. Co-starring is the hilariously lovable Jason Mantzoukas who you’ve probably seen recently in...literally everything. 


2 Dope Queens (comedy) Hosted by Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams (of The Daily Show), 2 Dope Queens is, for me, it’s the best comedy podcast out there right now. Each episode is basically a stand-up special featuring mostly unknown comedians who always make me laugh. Williams and Robinson have great chemistry as hosts and they’re a delight to listen to.